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The Anzer Team

Staff photo

Dr. Juan Manuel L. Zertuche


Juan M. Lopez Zertuche and Cristina Anzures Gurria

When children name the things they may want to be when they grow up, veterinarian is a common occupation to make the list. Dr. Juan M. Lopez Zertuche and his wife, Cristina Anzures Gurria, owners of Anzer Animal Hospital, followed through on their childhood ambitions. 

“I have always had a love for animals and an interest in medical and surgical science, shared Dr. Zertuche. “As a young teenager, I volunteered at the Zoo, at Veterinary Hospitals, and Horse Shows. I became a Veterinarian and immediately after graduation I pursued specialty training in Internal Medicine and then in Surgery.” 

Dr. Zertuche and Dr. Anzures, moved to Wellington 10 years ago. Since moving to town, Dr. Zertuche and Dr. Anzures have continued to build their careers, and their family. Dr. Zertuche has successfully grown his veterinary practice and Dr. Anzures has been working in regulatory medicine for the Florida Department Of Agriculture for nine years. 

“Dr. Zertuche and Dr. Anzures have two children, and two Jack Rusell Terriers and are an extraordinary team in life, and as business partners. 

“The opportunity and growth of our work as veterinarians came together to allow us to acquire Anzer Animal Hospital. It is the product of sharing the same dreams, team effort and hard work.” 

How did your career take off? 

“My love for horses took me to Belmont Park in New York where I worked for the renowned surgeon William O Reed. Later I started my own equine practice, and had the opportunity to work with top class competition horses, and attend to them at world class events like the Equestrian World Cup, The World Equestrian Games, The Pan American Games, and the Olympic Games. All the while I continued to practice Small Animal Medicine and Surgery,” explained Dr. Zertuche. 

How and why did you open Anzer Animal Hospital? 

“Since our practice has continuously grown, we saw the need to have a stone and mortar facility to better provide the needed care for our patients and clients,” said Dr. Zertuche. 

“We always wanted to do more for our clients’ pets, and with our hospital we are now able to offer more services and products in a comfortable and convenient location, renovating the concept of veterinary visits,” added Dr. Anzures. 

Why the name Anzer? 

“My husband and I both wanted to contribute to the name of Anzer, so we came up with the combination of both of our last names,” said Dr. Anzures. 

What are your feelings and thoughts on your way to work each day? 

“Every day I feel energetic, I mentally review the day’s appointments and make a rough draft of what the best treatment plan for each one will be,” Dr. Zertucheshared. “My favorite part of my work is arriving to a diagnosis so I can provide answers and develop a solution for my clients and their pets.” 

What do you enjoy most about the business? 

“Seeing people committed to their pets’ well-being, and long-term relationships with owners that with time become friends,” said Dr. Anzures. 

Margaret Warsaw

Practice Manager


Hi, I’m Margaret, I’ve been in the veterinary field since 2004 when I started working as a veterinary assistant in a corporate clinic setting. I have also worked with Florida Department of Agriculture as the Palm Beach County Foreign Animal Disease Specialist prior to this opportunity to work full-time with Dr. Z and Dr. Anzures at Anzer.
I have worked my way up through all the positions in a veterinary hospital and have found new challenges as a Practice Manager.
I graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) in 2008 with a B.S. in Animal Sciences and a minor in Equine Industry. My pets at home include 2 pitbull mixes, “Penelope” and “Starvin’ Marvin” who were both rescues and a cat named “Corrigan”.
I grew up riding horses and competing locally. I still have my childhood horse, “Lily”, who is 28 years old and spoiled rotten. I couldn’t imagine my life without animals involved and have a special place in my heart for all “senior” animals.

Cristina Anzures



Gabrielle Perez (Gaby)

Veterinary Technician

Hi, my name is Gaby. I am a native Floridian, born and raised. I have always had a passion for animals, since before I can even remember. I was the type of little girl that watched animal planet instead of cartoons. I am one of the original hires and longest working employee of Anzer Animal Hospital and helped Dr. Z and Dr. Anzures with the opening in 2016. 

I have an adorable cat named “Figaro” who I love dearly for his personality and cuddles. As a kitten, he broke his leg (humerus) and needed surgery requiring a metal plate for the bone to heal properly. Thankfully he recovered well! If I could give advice to a fellow pet owner, it would be to get pet insurance and CareCredit due to my personal pet’s experience!

Caterina Loaces

Customer Service Specialist

Bio Coming Soon...

Kylie Ruble

Veterinary Technician


Hello! My name is Kylie. I was born in Indiana but have been raised a South Florida girl. My passion for animals began early in my childhood, as I would hunt through my backyard (and sometimes neighbors!) for the injured lizards so that I could nurse them back to health. 

My first job in the animal field was at an exotic pet store where I had the opportunity to meet, raise and learn about all different types of animals (birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals). This only further fueled my passion to move into the veterinary field. Since then, my dream of becoming a veterinary technician has become a reality. I continue to grow and learn, I strive to do my best in everything I am exposed to. I have worked in general practice clinics to 4 years of exciting and stimulating overnight emergency work. A few of my main interests include pet dental health and animal rehabilitation


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